eCommerce Solutions

We are the people who will develop a quality online store for your needs. A store that is immediately ready to sell! Think about how many sales you can make through a web store, which showcases your wonderful product within a beautiful and functional design.

We will make a pleasing and functional online store

From our seven years of experience in the online marketing realm we know that people find it hard to trust online shopping. In order for your customers to be confident in the product they are buying, they need to feel comfortable with your actual online store. We create convenient, good-looking and most of all, secure online stores, where with the help of your great products, people will place orders with ease.

We have the knowledge to make your store successful through a series of steps that are important not only for building its initial functionality, but also for the future development of your business. The design, security, and optimization of the online stores we create are vital for us. We rely on the latest standards in SEO optimization in all our projects. Rely on us to develop and maintain your successful online store.

eCommerce solutions

How do we build successful web stores for our customers?

When creating a web store, our team of designers and developers starts by exploring the niche of your business and potentially its online store. Here are some simple but very effective steps:

  • We choose the right platform for your online store – these might be WordPress, OpenCart or Magento, depending on the project and its needs.
  • We create a wonderful design that is the face of all functionality. For us, looks is the main weapon when hunting for clients.
  • We select tools and instruments that can make your marketing efforts easier. We can connect your online store with social platforms such as Facebook so that people could easily and conveniently place orders there as well.
  • If you operate a physical store, we connect the new online system to the warehouse software you currently use.
  • We can provide your customers with all kinds of payment methods (bank transfer, credit cards, cash on delivery, ePay, EasyPay, etc.)
  • Last but not least, we go through some SEO optimization processes of your eCommerce to give you a good start in online business.

Easy navigation

One of the most important rules for a great online store is its navigation and structure. We know form experience that this is not an easy task, but we love challenges.


Your customers will not wait for slow and clumsy sites but will immediately choose a new place to make purchases. Your store will be optimized to work close to the speed of light.


The security and protection of consumer data is extremely important in online stores. We know that SSL, GDPR and other confusing concepts are!


Work process


01. Planning

We start the process of working on your online store with a team meeting. There we try to understand what your brand core idea is. We discuss all ideas and concepts and together with you set specific goals and deadlines for their implementation. We keep you up to date with the work process because no one knows your business better than you do.

online store development work process
online store development work process

02. Online store design

Design is one of the most important things in the process of creating an online store. With beautiful and individual design, we predispose your clients to feel good. Through the prism of beauty, we offer a user-friendly online store.

For this purpose, our online shops have a wonderful outlook on all possible screens and platforms, tablets, phones, and other devises. We live in a time when the percentage of people using their phones instead of their laptops grows bigger on a daily basis.


03. The technology behind the online store

We rely on the best practices in our clients’ interest. In our projects we rely on OpenCart and WooCommerce. These are two open source platforms that have the largest market share in the world of eCommerce.

We do not fear of complicated functionalities and you can be sure that all of your ideas are possible. In our several years of experience, we have found out which are the most important modules for a good and user-friendly online shop. In addition, we can integrate a stock module that works great with your store.

online store development work process
online store development work process

04. Development and maintenance

Developing the store is just the first step to a successful online business. Every digital product requires constant maintenance and development. We can help you with that as well.

Once we finish developing your store, we will show you how you can administer it easily. And if you do not have the time, we will make a customized proposal for its maintenance.

The competition in online stores is great, but with the right strategy each of our projects becomes successful. Have a look at our digital marketing offers and if you like them, we can cooperate.


Did you imagine your future online store already?

If you are wondering whether your business needs an online store or if you have questions regarding the process of creation and development, please contact us! We offer free consultations.