Digital Marketing
and SEO

In addition to website or web shop development, your business needs constant cultivation and growth. We understand how advertising and Internet marketing work. We know the best practices for quality brand portraying to your potential customers. Be number one on Google with our help!

I have a wonderful site, but I cannot sell enough…

A very common mistake for entrepreneurs who have just begun their journey into the digital world is that the initial investment for the development of their website or web shop is also their last. The digital business is not fundamentally different in nature from any other type of business and requires constant work, just as if you would open a neighborhood store.

digital marketing and seo

It has been proven that if you are not in the top five results in the search engine, no one will click on your link, therefore you will not be able to make any sales. To advance in search results and rank higher, it is necessary to make some efforts to optimize the site. In addition to optimization, your brand needs to be recognizable, and this happens with the right digital marketing strategy. We want to be your partners and use our knowledge to help you make your business successful.


Work process


01. Digital strategy

The first step of our work is to create a specific digital strategy for your concrete business. By researching the competition and the target group, we will understand what attracts your customers and where we can easily connect with them. Depending on your website’s target group, your potential customers could be found in search engines, social networks or other mediums. By creating a development plan for your online business, we will help you follow clear and precise rules, so that you gain popularity.

Digital strategy will provide you with a list of tasks and resources your website or webstore needs. By properly allocating your budget to different campaigns, we will easily bring customers to you.

digital marketing service
digital marketing service

02. Content marketing

Once we found the right way to bring customers to your website, it is essential they get what they came for. We know how to create and organize the content for your website attractive and make the users want to stay longer on it. We all know that longer periods on the sire brings a higher sales percentage for your services.

In addition, we can run your blog to attract new visitors with interesting articles and news from your business area.


03. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After starting an online project, it is a must for it to be optimized for search engines or simply put – to go up on Google’s search results. If we created your website on webstore, it would be significantly easier, because we would have done half the work while developing the project. Search engine optimization is roughly divided in two parts.

  • On-page – includes the overall structure of the website, keywords, titles and descriptions.
  • Off-page – includes gaining popularity and website ranking through external links directing to your site.
digital marketing service
digital marketing service

04. Social media management

One of the places where people will find you most easily, while costing you the least, is via social networks. These are Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and many others. Still, that is where advertising has the lowest price, and the results are satisfactory.

In the last few years, we have gained priceless experience on how to advertise on social media, so that we build trust in your business. Through perseverance and properly organized strategy for social media management, the results will definitely come.

How about creating a successful digital strategy for your business?

Write to us your idea and what are your business needs. We will answer you quickly and clearly.